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I’m Julissa and I’ve had the opportunity to work with parents and children for the last 15 years. In those years I've had the honor and privilege to work with many different families and different parenting styles, child rearing techniques and familial practices. What I have come to realize and learned through my experence is that the home is the epicenter of where both children and parents are emotionally safe, judgment free, compassionate and grace given space. I take a unique “adult first, child second” approach in which adults first shift their mindsets and upgrade their individual parenting skill set. In doing this, it allows for organic teaching of social and emotional learning skills to children through everyday interactions and activities.

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Benefits of working with me
Better Communication

You'll learn how to listen actively, express yourself clearly, and understand your child's perspective.

Customized Strategies

I help you identify the specific areas where you need support and create a plan to address those areas.

Improved Family Dynamics

I help reduce conflicts, improve communication, and create a more positive and supportive environment.

Support and Accountability

I keep you motivated and focused on your goals by encouraging you, answering your questions, and providing guidance along the way.

Julissa was the perfect fit to help solve my parental issues, she quickly identified the problem, immediately gave solutions, and most of all made sure that I implemented what I learned. If anyone out there is looking for an amazing parent coach look no further, Julissa is the one.

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